Vincent Bujor

award-winning pianist & tonmeister


Vincent Gérard Bujor’s musical education started in Frankfurt, Germany when he was five years old. Taught by concert pianist Alexander Schawgulidse and sponsored by the “Bridge between East and West” association, he already performed solo and in chamber music formation (piano quartet) after a few months.
In 2008, he switched to Hoch’s Conservatory and received lessons from renowned lecturer Wolfgang Hess. Soon after that, Vincent started winning regional and international piano competitions on a regular basis and began his studies at the HfMDK Music University of Frankfurt with Eike Wernhard as his professor for classical piano.

In 2015, Vincent expanded his field of study by getting accepted at the HfM Music University of Detmold, Germany for the Tonmeister program. He graduated with a Bachelor of Music (B.M.) there in 2018, being able to finish the extensive 4-year program in 3 short years. While he was yet a college student, his love for the piano and audio engineering enabled him to share his knowledge and expertise with others. The desire to help other musicians pass entry exams led him to starting his own business and founding Auditone Music Group LLC, a German-American company that provides online (ear) training for professional musicians and prepares individuals for entry exams around the world.

Over the past 20 years, Vincent has played for and spoken to over a thousand different audiences in more than 15 countries worldwide and participated in national television productions and studio recordings that were nominated for a GRAMMY Award. He and his wife currently live in San Diego, CA.